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The Neuroscience of Sales Success
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The Neuroscience of Sales Success 
90-Day Course
Offers a TOTALLY ORIGINAL neuroscience-based tool set to deliver BREAKTHROUGH RESULTS with sales, money, business, influence, and more.

Course participants see a 20-50% revenue INCREASE within 12 weeks (on average).

Some double. 
A few triple or even quadruple.

These tools have worked for over 
10,000 people in 
400+ companies across 
80+ industries.

Other benefits reported by course participants:

1) ANGRY clients will MELT in your hands. And they'll become your GREATEST ADVOCATES.

2) SKEPTICAL prospects will become your MOST ENGAGED customers.

3) SLOW as MOLASSES customers will SPEED UP.

4) GATEKEEPERS will no longer stop you.

5) Large Sales Teams have achieved 100% increases ACROSS THE TEAM.

6) No more NO-SHOWS. You will see a drastic reduction in cancellations.

These shifts are ONLY the tip of the iceberg.

This BREAKTHROUGH Course Includes: 
  • 8 Core SALES MASTERY Video Sessions
  • ​30 Additional Video BUSINESS MASTERY Sessions with solutions for every business problem
  • ​3 Mastermind Calls per week for learning, coaching, and connecting
  • ​Personal one-on-one coaching and strategizing with Nora
The 8 Core Sessions:
Session 1: Customers Are Afraid of YOU
(The Neuroscience of Safety and Threat)

Session 1 teaches about how the human body generates discomfort and fear ALL DAY every day. And then the brain LIES and tells us that the source of the discomfort is OVER THERE. 
But it's INSIDE US. If we fight it or silence it, it only gets stronger. That survival-driven discomfort drives our perception of obstacles for our ENTIRE LIVES. No matter how accomplished we become, until we learn how to INTERRUPT the survival discomfort process, we will find ourselves besieged with frustration--
whether or not we can admit it. 

(You can watch Session 1 if you scroll down just a little bit.)

Session 2: The Roadmap to Safety
(The Neuroscience of Building Trust and Influence)

Session 2 teaches you my PROPRIETARY neuroscience framework for understanding how human brains work in universal and unique ways. I spent 20 YEARS developing this framework. And I've mapped it onto 24 other models for understanding the insanity of human behavior. These models go back as far as Aristotle! Humans have been trying to understand each other for LONG time! And yet, with neuroscience, it's amazingly simple. Plus, you'll recognize yourself and everyone you know as I teach it to you. So it's FUN!

Session 3: Facts Tell, Stories Sell
(The Neuroscience of Storytelling)

What if you could CURATE the way that people experience you and the value you share? Session 3 teaches you how to use the neuroscience of storytelling to build an internal experience of WOW for other people.

Session 4: Fish in a Barrel
(The Neuroscience of the Sales Funnel)

What if you could build a sequence of sales interactions that served your FAST customers AND your SLOW customers? Session 4 teaches you HOW. When you have a way to serve BOTH your FAST and SLOW customers, you will have a path to exponential sales increases over time.

Session 5: The Luckiest Sales Rep in the World
(The Neuroscience of Luck, Miracles, and Positive Mindset)

With these neuroscience tools, you can actually train your brain to receive good luck and miracles on a DAILY basis. A lot of people like positive mindset tools because they FEEL GOOD. But if we don't learn to pair them with the right actions, then positivity too often become a drug for numbing our frustrations without changing our physical situation. With neuroscience, we can bring thoughts, feelings, and actions together to produce miraculous results.

Session 6: People Are Funny with Money
(The Neuroscience of Resources)

Session 6 reveals how money shows up in the brain (ALSO food, water, shelter, love, safety, etc.) 
Spoiler alert: Most brains TWIST anxiety and money into one big scary blob. Most of your customers and prospects don't even know how afraid they are around money. BUT, with these neuroscience of money tools, you will learn how to create safety and value as you help people live through their fears and WRITE YOU A CHECK!

Session 7: Helping People Grow Into Their Vision
(The Neuroscience of Final Discussions, Proposals, and Negotiations)

Session 7 uses neuroscience to teach you EXACTLY how to close the deal with the wacky, wonderful humans you encounter. In this session, you'll learn about succeeding (and failing) with the 4 approaches to negotiation. If you bring a mismatched approach to a negotiation, then it will FAIL. But if you match the right approach to the other person's style, then you will SUCCEED again and again!

Session 8: Clients Are Crazy (We all are.)
(The Neuroscience of Erratic Behavior)

Many, many clients project massive power onto sales people and then lash out with what seems like PURE nonsense. This session teaches you how to understand and manage erratic client behavior. You'll learn how to come out the other side with your joy and dignity intact. And you'll begin to notice ways that each one of us (including you) can feel more sane and grounded.
The Neuroscience
of Sales 
It's also at the top of this page.
But some people miss it.
If you DON'T book a call, there's only ONE reason.

You DON'T believe I can create breakthroughs for you.

I've worked with 10,000+ people and 400+ Companies across 80+ industries.

I've seen these Neuroscience of Sales tools work for A LOT of people.

I know it's hard to believe.

But, if you book a call, you can ask me ALL the questions you want.

You can tell me ALL your doubts and skepticism.

Your doubts don't scare me.
Your doubts tell me that these breakthrough results are DANGEROUS.

For 100,000 years of human history, 
if you got TOO SUCCESSFUL, 
there were a whole lot of jealous enemies 
who would try to hurt you.

Who told you your success 
was dangerous to them?

Who told you your happiness 
was bad for them?

Who bullied you in school and 
taught you to get small in order to survive?

Who hurt you at home and 
taught you to hide 
your God-given gifts to survive?

With neuroscience and the structured program I've created, we will overcome ALL of that.

Would you like to have what these people achieved?

Would you like to talk with any of them?

What will it take for you to believe that with NEUROSCIENCE, you can create breakthrough SALES results?

Let's find out together on a call...

It took me 20+ years to develop the Neuroscience of Sales Success tools.

It started with my personal experience:

In my early 20s, I worked for The Hunger Project, an anti-poverty organization that uses business training and leadership coaching to help people living in extreme poverty to become self-sufficient, successful entrepreneurs with 5 years. When I worked for them, we were working with 14 million people in 13 countries across Africa, South Asia, and Latin America. Now they work with more than 20 million people. And I tithe to them because I love standing in partnership with our sisters and brothers across the world.

In my mid-20s, my eating disorder almost killed me and I crawled into Overeaters Anonymous.

But once the food was peaceful, I got fired from 3 jobs in 6 months! So I ended up joining two MORE 12-step programs to crack the code on this money stuff. The other programs are called Debtors Anonymous and Al-Anon. Al-Anon is the 12-step program started by the ladies who were married to the men who started Alcoholics Anonymous. Nowadays, AA and Al-Anon both have lots of men and women. And Al-Anon has become a program of recovery from the trauma of having family members with addictions and mental illness.

I worked my patootie off in these 12-step programs. I went to 12-14 meetings per week. I took every suggestion. I applied every tool I could find.

When I ran out of tools to apply, I INVENTED NEW TOOLS and asked other 12-steppers for the emotional support and love I needed to use these new tools. These new tools were HARD at first. I needed lots of love to make it through.

The next job I got was my first job in the business world. It was for an executive recruiting firm and I found it fascinating. Four weeks in, I ALMOST got fired again. This led me to invent EVEN MORE TOOLS to manage the crazy in my head. Using those tools, I became the #1 recruiter in the firm within 6 months. I was promoted from researcher to associate to director to Vice President in nine months.

Around this time, people started coming up to me in my 12-step meetings and saying:

"Nora, when I met you, you looked kinda HOMELESS.
But now, you're looking...ORGANIZED. What's your secret?"
And I told them, "OMG, I invented these tools!"

Eventually, I taught the tools to thousands of recovering addicts struggling with money across the U.S., Canada, France, Italy, and Israel.

Then, I shared the tools with the thousands of CEOs and Senior Executives I talked to every day as a recruiter. And I was shocked to find that THEY were just as desperate for the tools as all the broke, traumatized addicts I had been helping. These were SUPER successful people. But they hungered for more depth, functionality, and expansion.

The fact that the tools I invented resonated so deeply with such different groups made me curious. What did these two groups in such different circumstances have in common? For starters, they all had brains and nervous systems.

That's when I did a DEEP DIVE into neuroscience and human behavior research. I dug into the neuroscience of early childhood development, how the brain learns languages, human evolution and the survival of the tribe, addiction and self-sabotage, healing trauma, suppressed emotions and SO MUCH MORE.

On the other side of that deep dive, I created a fully integrated framework for understanding the human brain, the nervous system, and EVERY aspect of human behavior. It turns out these tools work EVERYWHERE but they're AMAZINGLY EFFECTIVE in sales and business.

The tools incorporate wisdom from:

-Neuroscience studies and discoveries from Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Columbia, McGill, the University of Umea, Sweden, the NIH, and more.
-Psychology and human behavior theories from Aristotle, Hippocrates, Kant, Carl Jung, Fritz Heider, William James, Meyers-Briggs, NLP, DISC Profile, and more.

So, then in 2009, I started my company and began to coach people. By 2010, I had left recruiting and was doing it full time.

Now, I've worked with 
400+ companies, 
10,000 Senior Executives, 
and over 3,000 Independent Sales Reps 
across 80+ industries.

When sales people apply these 
neuroscience-based tools, 
the average increase in sales is
50% in 3-6 months. 

But quite a few will double,
triple, and even quadruple.

Now, you might be thinking: 
OK, Nora, I'm intrigued...but could The Neuroscience of Sales Success really help ME?

Book a call with me. Let's find out.

The FULL Session 1 is right here. 
YOU can be the source of safety 
at any moment with any person.

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